624846af364181b0739844a47f6a1495I don’t know about your 9-year-old boy, but mine LOVES finding out how things work!

And what better way to help him learn than with these awesome Snap Circuits!

If you haven’t heard of them, they’re pretty cool, even for an adult to mess around with.  I first saw them when my nephew got one for Christmas, and got to thinking Chris would love something like that.  Down the road, I ended up buying him one from the Toys R Us down on Dodge, and he’s been highly entertained since.

There are different versions of the Snap Circuit sets, but each one comes with an instruction book on how to create different scenarios with the electronics.  With these Snap Circuits (which are exactly what you think–pieces of circuits that are actually connected with, you guessed it, snaps!), you can create a radio, a spinning helicopter, a burger alarm, and all sorts of neat little projects.  The instruction book is very easy to read and understand, but then again, my son is just kind of brilliant like that…

Not only does this toy rank high in MY house, these Snap Circuits have also won awards for Dr. Toy’s Best Educational Product, and has the seal of approval from the National Parenting Center.

Oh, and don’t forget the batteries–you’ll be going through quite a few of them!

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