eb2e5c6c5afce8e02001c52fe77de7c2I know, I know, I’m so hooked on electronics.  What did OUR parents do before all this technology?

Of course, when my husband and I did our baby registry for April at the West Omaha Babies R Us, we had a little too much fun with the scanning gun!  But we did register for some great baby items, and one of them that we felt was quite important to have was a baby monitor.  The thing was, we wanted one that worked.  We had one with our son that was really bad with reception and was very staticy, and it didn’t do well at night even though it said it had night-time capabilities.

So we figured when it came to registering for a baby monitor before our daughter was born, we decided to go a little more upper-end this time.  We registered for the Summer Infant Day & Night Baby Monitor, and sure enough, his parents were the ones that bought it for our baby shower.

And I will say, even though it does run a little more (about $150 new, depending on where you purchase it), it is definitely worth every penny paid (or gifted!).  It is a color monitor, but at night, it’s black and white, but super crisp and clear.  We had it mounted above April’s crib at first, but then when she started standing, we actually attached it to the wall on the other side of the kids’ room so we could see BOTH kids’ beds.  It’s great at night when our son has trouble winding down for the night and we can make sure he’s actually going to sleep and not messing around with toys or anything.  It’s come in handy numerous times, and it’s great and portable–the handheld monitor clips on your pants so you can be anywhere in the house and still get decent reception.

If I was asked what I thought was the best baby gift ever, this would definitely rank high.  I can use this for not only when my kids are younger, but as they get older, making sure they’re not doing something they’re not supposed to in the playroom or to be able to keep an eye on them while in the other room doing dishes or whatnot.  This baby monitor is definitely up there on my Mommy Must-Have list!