7e77a9fae22d85d041c84a632d052b94With the changing economy, it’s hard to find great deals on kid’s clothes.  So after you’ve paid retail prices for your kids’ outfits and they’ve outgrown them, what do you do with them?

Consignment sales in Omaha have become very popular.  Not only are they a way to get new, nearly new or used clothing and toys at a great price, but they give parents the chance to sell their children’s outgrown (or never worn!) clothing and make more than they would at a typical garage sale, especially if their children’s closets are full of name brands like Gymboree, The Childrens Place, Gap, and Nike.

There are two kinds of consignment sales: one, the semi-annual consignment sales.  There are set up to allow you to put a price on your items and allow the sellers to take a percentage of your profits for running the sale, housing the merchandise, and allowing you the opportunity to bring home the clothes that do not sell, instead of having them donated against your will.  Depending on the consignment sale, the percentage taken can range from about 10% to 30% of the marked cost.  The consignment sale itself will generally run for a weekend or a week, and allow shoppers to have a discounted day of shopping on the last day of the sale.  Of course, you can opt out of having your items discounted, but if you really want to get rid of the clothes, it’s best to participate in the discount days.

The other kind of consignment sales are the ones where you can make cash today on your items.  Instead of selling your items at the cost you specify, the consignment store will basically buy your items from you at a lump cost and will then resell for profit.  Of course, the nicer your merchandise is, the more you’ll be paid.  Once you have your cash, the deal is done and your clothes will be priced and sold at the store, which is open year-round and is NOT a semi-annual sale deal.

If you are interested in consignment stores and sales, here are some Omaha events that happen on a regular occasion.  If you’re looking for a semi-annual sale, here are the top sales:

  • Reruns R Fun
  • All About Kidz Omaha
  • Kidz Shoppe
  • Omaha Parents of Multiples Club
  • Munchkin Junction
  • Take 2 Kids

Instead, if you’re looking for a place to sell your clothes today for instant cash and a no-fuss get-em-outta-here deal, you’ll want to check out these popular Omaha stores:

  • Once Upon a Child
  • Kid’s Attic
  • Plato’s Closet
  • Consignments Made Easy
  • Big Wheels 2 Butterflys
  • Kids Go Round

For tips on pricing your items for a consignment sale, check out Omaha Consignment Sales 101: How to price your children’s clothes to sell on consignment

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