If you’re familiar with consignment sales, you know how profitable they can be for the sellers and how much shoppers can save and benefit from nearly new and used clothing, toys and baby gear.  And if you’re from Omaha, you’ve heard of these semi-annual consignment sales, such as All About Kids Omaha, the Kidz Shoppe and Reruns R Fun.  But when you’re ready to sell your children’s clothing and toys, you may hit a brick wall when it comes to pricing them appropriately.  How much should you sell the swing for?  How much would someone pay for a pack of bibs?

First off, you’ll want to be sure that whatever you are selling is in new, nearly new, or lightly used condition.  The better condition it is in, the more likely it is to be accepted by the consignment sale, sought out by the buyer, and sold to a happy mother.  If something has been in storage for a while, wash it, iron it, clean it, or if it’s a toy, wipe it down, run it through the dishwasher, or whatever needs to be done to clean it and sanitize it and make it look great!  Remember, looks are everything when it comes to buying used items, so think like the buyer and clean, wash and sell accordingly.

Most consignment sales want clothing pinned on metal wire hangers and toys, games, etcetera bagged in groups.  Be sure to follow the consignment sales’ instructions perfectly or you may end up creating more work for yourself or your merchandise may not be accepted for consignment.  Read their website, call their customer service or talk to an owner or volunteer–you’ll want to make sure that all your time and energy is spent on a profitable sale.

When it comes to toys, if there are missing pieces, it’s probably not worth selling.  But if everything is together, sell it as a set.  If you have various Legos or building toys, bag them up in like sets and sell them that way.  Have a bunch of random brands of army men?  Bag them up and sell them as a bunch.  It’ll do better that way, and sure beats sorting through to figure out which ones are which brands.

When it comes to clothes, make sure it looks great.  If there’s a stain, tear, or broken zipper, send it to the garage sale pile.  Make sure to wash the clothes, iron them and make sure all zippers and buttons are intact.  Pin on a metal wire hanger and follow the consigner’s directions on pricing.

But what do I price it?  Well, you’ll want to take a few things into consideration.  This would include how new it is, if it still has the tags on it, what size, season or style, and also the brand name of the clothing and overall condition.  In fact, All About Kids Omaha’s website has a great listing of how you should price your items.  It gives you a chart with different items and supplies you with a general dollar amount.  Think like a buyer–what would you pay for it?  You’ll want to make money, of course, but you also don’t want your time and energy wasted and have to lug most of your clothes back home after a disappointing profit.  Check out the pricing chart on their site to get an idea of what to price your items at.

Most sales will prefer that you have items arranged in order of size.  Be sure to keep the genders separate and sizes in order so that it makes for an easier check-in with the consignment store.

If you have any more tips and tricks on consignment store sales, feel free to leave a comment and help others who are struggling when it comes to pricing and preparing their children’s clothes and toys for consignment sales here in Omaha.

For a list of other consignment opportunities in Omaha, visit the Omaha Consignment Sales 101: Where to turn your kids’ outgrown clothes into cash today!

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