76c47f1d3bed87a38c215a3d437183bfIf your son or daughter is between the ages of 11 and 15, they are eligible to sign up for babysitting classes.

The American Red Cross Heartland Chapter offers two babysitting courses for teens and pre-teens in the Omaha area.  First is the Babysitter’s Training class, which is where they start to learn the basics and develop a knowledge of the skills and requirements necessary to care for younger children.  An eight hour babysitter training class can run between $50 to $70 at the Omaha Red Cross, depending on the package you register for.  Registration cannot be done online, but you can visit the American Red Cross Heartland Chapter website for more information on registering your child.

During these babysitting classes, your child will learn CPR techniques, how to handle emergency situations, how to communicate with the parents regarding their children, handling and caring for infants and other necessary skills to assist your older child in dealing with babysitting charges.

After they have completed the eight hour babysitting training course, they will then be eligible for Advanced Babysitting Class.  During this class, your child will learn how to manage stress, how to entertain children of all ages, and will learn about forms of child abuse including Shaken Baby Syndrome.  These are all excellent topics you will want your child to be familiar with when caring for other younger children and infants.  This class will run you $50 through the Omaha Red Cross.

For more information regarding certifications and registration for babysitting classes and youth training courses, visit the Omaha Red Cross website for up-to-date information.