Our children’s safety is of the upmost priorities when it comes to raising our kids.  And we’ve all heard the scary stories about sex offenders in our neighborhoods.  From the indescribable to the shocking, we’ve heard it all on the news and refuse to have our children become victims of any sexual offenses.

That’s why the State of Nebraska posts a list of high risk, level 3 sex offenders online.  Personally, I think ALL sex offenders’ information should be available on this site, but some is better than none.  The Nebraska State Patrol updates this list daily, so you can be assured that new incidences will be uploaded immediately.

You can search the sex offenders by name, zip code, or county on the website, and it will bring up photos, physical details, and when they were convicted and what they were convicted for.  It also lists where they live, so you can be sure to have your children stay away from the area if out by themselves biking or skateboarding.  Even though not every sex offender offends again, they percentage of those who do are enough to keep your kids locked in the house!

If you have any additional information for police to post on their site, please contact them to help keep the Sexual Offenders Registry accurate and up-to-date.