a723a32e6479f7349c43b82f3b1b5e9bDon’t let your child’s brain rot at the pool all summer–keep your child’s school skills sharp with Brain Quest cards!

Brain Quest cards have been around for a while, even when I was younger, and I remember rainy days of quizzing my older brother with age-appropriate questions to stump him, and vice versa.  And what better time to keep your kids in the know than with the same game I played when I was younger!

Considering I was familiar with the Brain Quest cards, I was quick to snag some when my son entered grade school.  Of course, they do have Brain Quest games for the younger crowd, but I figured grade school was a great time to introduce him to learning outside the classroom.

Each set of cards come connected together, and have questions and answers for easy individual play.  They can quiz themselves in Math, English or History, or you can buy subject-related Brain Quests for each grade as well.

I have found Brain Quest cards to be extremely useful in typically boring childhood situations, such as waiting at the doctor’s office, driving in the car or while waiting for food at a restaurant.  And my son actually has a lot of fun learning by asking ME the questions!

Brain Quest cards can be found at any bookstore in the Omaha area, including Barnes and Noble and Borders.  Or, you can purchase them online.  Here is a quick list of the many Brain Quest products you can buy, and remember–they come in all ages!

  • Brain Quest Be A Know-it-All English
  • Brain Quest For the Car
  • Brain Quest For Threes
  • Brain Quest Workbook Grade 1
  • My First Brain Quest
  • Brain Quest America